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Selected Poems



Driftwood Press: "instead of a diary, i confess to the rooms of my dollhouse" 

Bleating Thing Magazine: "dream of a jadeite salesgilr & mother goose" & "angel pain"

FUCKUS Magazine: "reminisce / land of love" 

DOOR = A JAR: "fortune machine I" & "fortune machine II" (FORTHCOMING)

The SORTES Spectral Winter Annual: 5 Leeds Children Poems 

Broken Antler Magazine:  "monologue: my own reflection in the mirror" and "monologue: the devil's mother"

Chaotic Merge: "slumber party prophets"

Birdy Magazine: "afterlife as an aura photobooth" 

Beneath the Garden: "poison for the fairies / a witch in the making" (FORTHCOMING)

Spellbinder: "a mother's promise" 


Wyrd & Wyse: “Black Mood” “Pessary / Oubliette” (Past Issue), "postpartum / mother of pines" ,  "false idol / a witch who lives in a house of candy", "let this child be a devil" 

Alice Says GFY: "in sleep, the voices become my everything" 


Violet, Indigo, Blue, Etc.:  "inter dimensional lullaby / sleep regression III" 

Bedfellows Magazine: "fantasy suites / a drama" 


WRONGDOING Magazine: "one of these doors lies / one of these doors tells the truth" 


Forever Magazine: "dream feed / the prophetic child" 


Ligeia Magazine: "taphonomy / spell break" 


WITCHES Magazine: "to believe is to hunger"

Catatonic Daughters: "ghost tour of salem village" 

Nimrod International Journal: "shelter / a whole world made of plastic" 

The Shoutflower: “no. 1 altarpiece” & “sometimes our dead show themselves, unburied or otherwise” (Issue One)

"the first child / frozen charlotte doll", "the second child / sideshow", "the third child / masthead", 

"the fourth child / lachrymatory", "the fifth child / weathervane" 


Mom Egg Review: "Sharon Tate Suns by the Pool" zx


HORROR WRITERS ASSOCIATION Poetry Showcase Vol. VIII: "ritual for reuniting

with my favorite demon" 


NELLE: "false idol / mrs. leeds, mother of the jersey devil" 

Lover's Eye Press: "dream locket / primary tokophobia" ; "tucked away / enmeshment" ;

"lost time / first trimester" 


Be About it Zine: "the mirror stage" 

Daily Drunk MIDSOMMAR ANTHOLOGY: "exhaustion, the ceremony" 


SORTES Magazine: "a horror / a vision"; "i was born en caul / i was born covered in fur"; "hagiography" 


RESURRECTION Mag: "ghost tour of penn hills honeymoon resort" 


POET LORE: "false mother / mother of eternity" & "in which the shamed paranormal psychologist

invites us to the infamously haunted house"  

The Journal: "paranormal investigation II' 


Pretty Owl Poetry: “the swan no. 1” 

Phantom Drift: “at the bottom of the lake, a fairy tale” 

Black Telephone: “puppet show / aerophobia” and “say bloody mary once, then pause" 

Painted Bride Quarterly: “no. 7 adulthood”, “inside the beheaded apartment”, & “bloody mary x 3” (FORTHCOMING)

giallo: “maybe, never”

Oroboros: “what has been spoken” Collaborative poem with Emi Bergquist 

Passages North: “poltergeist” and “false mother / the mother of wrath” 

Peculiars Magazine: “humpty dumpty et al.” & “girl gathering flowers swallowed up by earth and taken to the lower world” 

pulpmouth: “for the seventh time, three of swords is our final outcome” 

The Fourth River Review: “the dreamhaus / the diabolical haunting” , “vestibular”, and “paradise trail / the road to penn hills” 

Biscuit Root Drive: “sleep paralysis on the night of midsummer” 

Burning House Press: “centralia, town that swallows its flames” 

Ghost City Review: “[ethereal whooshing]”

Everything in Aspic: “somniloquy for the deadhaus…” (First Prize Winner) 

Blood Bath Zine: “the wilt of me, a paperback” 

Psaltery & Lyre: “no. 3 youth”

Conduit: “statue of the virgin decaying in the garden” 

The Opal Club: “there was a sort of hollywood in the basement” 

Gingerbread House Mag: “sad girl, telekinetic” 

Big Other: “mother”, “walpurgisnacht”, “this old house as gushblood”, “this old house as something still blooming”, “this old house as an afterlife for something” 

SUSAN / THE JOURNAL: “unsolved mystery / the thermal scanner reads ghost”

Nat. Brut: “all these mirrors have splinters” 

Ninth Letter: “new jersey dirt”

Gigantic Sequins: “Spell Break / Where do I Go When I Die?” 

South Broadway Ghost Society: “exorcism / the expulsion” 

Black Warrior Review: “legend”


The Pinch Journal: “swan lake” 

Witch Craft Mag: “forever ever haus” 

Pink Plastic House: “Spider in the Bedroom” (BEST OF THE NET NOMINATED)


glitterMOB: “Lizzie Borden Liked the Circus as a Girl” “What Millennium” and “Solarium” 

fields Magazine: “dumb supper”


Fairy Tale Review: “invisible world / goody bishop” and “bad carriage / goody good” 

Charles River Journal: “Lizzie is Trapped in a Women in Peril Picture” and “They Say Lizzie Kept Stuffed Ghost Heads Above Her Sofa”


Sad Girl Review: “It is Today & So I Worry Sick About Loss”


Pvssy Magic Journal: “objects of protection” “table tip / curdle heart” and “within the house with no hallways”


Goat’s Milk Magazine: “my mouth, mother of ghosts” 


White Stag Journal: “in every home i leave forever, i offer my smallest drop of blood” (PUSHCART NOMINATED)


New South: “Satania” 


Sea Foam Mag: “Materialization” and “Psychometry” 


Dream Pop Journal: “Atavistic”


Boston Accent Lit: “lizzie / speak” and “chrysalis sweat / burial ground” 


Bone Bouquet Journal: “Haunted Attraction” and “Lizzie New Age / Lizzie New Wave” 


Muse/A Journal: “Pre-Code Spiritualism” (Red Lobster Prize Winner) and “ROSABELLE Believe” 


TL;DR: “Lizzie Portal / Lizzie Virgil” and “Lizzie Telephonic / Lizzie Telepathic” 


Grimoire: “the fox sisters / recipe for ectoplasm” 


Mystic Blue Review: “forecasted” “supernatural eloquence” “when we die our ghost becomes someone else’s dream” “make me spindly” 


Always Crashing: “Levitate” 


Burnt Offering Anthology: “moody doll / witch cake”, “hair snarl / flower boil” 


Venefica - Topiary Megrim / Valentine Ecorche 


Glass: A Journal of Poetry: Lizzie / Lizzie


1932 Quarterly: “The Membrane of the World Snaps, Gets Darker” and “3 Means of Divination” 


Philosophical Idiot: Point-and-Click 


Blue Fifth Review (Special Twin Peaks Issue): It was Laura / It was Eurydice, H-Bomb Cherry Pie 


Nice Cage - Black Velvety / Black Feathery


Phoebe - lizzie romantic / lizzie rheumatic

Three Drops from the Cauldron: “Witchqueen Obscura”


Ovunque Siamo: “My Body, Brimming with Ancestors,” “The Growth of my Ribs Cracked Open” “truly  / madly / deeply” 


Moonchild Magazine: “i am a castle / i am a bride” 


Occulum: “i am turning gold / i am dying”


Bad Pony Magazine: “My Voice Attached Itself to My Ghost, Left Me” , “My Eye, Haunted by a Rag Time Girl”, and “My Ouija says I’m a Hollywood Girl”


Sugar House Review: “Dollhouse on Unmarked Grave” and “Studies Find Pearls are Teeth After all” (Forthcoming)


American Chordata: “The Witch Practices Spells for Loosening the Noose”


Breadcrumbs Mag: “There’s Your Form Bathed in Grey” “vicious creature / thing of beasts” 


Yes, Poetry: “Promise Ring”


POEM MISTRESS: “Beautiful & It is Everything”


MEAT FOR TEA: “Obituary for Another Mermaid Girl”, “Up from the Salt Cellar”, “Girl Shaped like an Axe Murderer” and “The Vampire Who Said he Was You”

L'EPHEMERE Review: “House of the Seven Gables”

The Writing Disorder: “When I’m Awake, but not Awaken” “Marya Murders the Deathless” 

Faerie Magazine: “Making Witch Bottles with my Mother”

Prelude: “Ophelia as Lazarus” and “The Ritual Calls for Belladonna” 


Luna Luna Magazine: “Shrine”, “ A Poem in Photographs” 

Waxing & Waning: “The Place After Crossing Over,” “Cemetery in Lemon…” “Do Not Touch the Moon” and “I Think Death’s a Fig…” 

Vanilla Sex Magazine: “St. Rose of Benevolent Menses” “If Hell Had a Body” “In the Place Without Bodies” and “God in Real Life” 

Five to One Magazine: “Room at the Madonna Inn” and “I Don’t Want to Talk About the Man” “Zoltar” 

The Opiate: “The Place Before Crossing Over” and “I Hear Evil Enter Through the Nothing of Me” 

Rogue Agent: “Francesca’s Tour of the Female Inferno”

Reality Beach: “The Debut of a Lady in White” and “There are Creatures in These Woods of Mine”  “We Speak Candidly on the Phases of the Moon”

Rose Red Review: “Then Back Into the Abyss She Fell” and “The Difference Between Life and Death is Antlers” 

Quail Bell Magazine: “Everything Abandoned Must Go On” 

Prick of the Spindle: “Witch Fingers,” “Purity Ring,” “These Ghosts of Mine, Siamese,” and “Oh, Adored Cadaver” 

Minola Review: “In Old Hollywood”

Up the Staircase Quarterly: “She Saved the World A Lot”

Poetry Quarterly: “Psychic Reading in Moonstone”

Rust + Moth: “A Brothel in Rose Quartz” 

The Broadkill Review “On Picnic at Hanging Rock” 

The Yellow Chair Review: “On The Virgin Suicides” 

After the Pause: “On My Girl” 

Milkfist Magazine: “The Red Thread” (Forthcoming)

Hypertrophic Literary: “The Moth Cycle” and “The Way His Aura Sometimes Feels” 

Bop Dead City: “On Flowers in the Attic” 

Crack the Spine: “The Textbooks Will Tell You the Moon is a Face” 

Menacing Hedge: “The Purgatory Choice,” “The Most Beautiful Suicide,” “I hope death will come this way” and “” 

Wicked Banshee Press: “Mood Ring” and “Resurrection of the Fawn” 

Eternal Haunted Summer: “Join the Coven of Her” 

Hermeneutic Chaos: “Water, Sweet and Nasty” 

Bellevue Literary Review: “my mother is a fish”

FLAPPERHOUSE: “When All the Trees Go Up in Flames, Only Water Puts Them Back to Sleep,” “She Used to Be on a Milk Carton" (PUSHCART NOMINATED) “Riding Hood,” “How Often We Confuse Ovens for Rabbit Holes” “Folie a Deux” “Emily Dickinson’s Dorm Room” “I Ask the Netherworld if Lizzie Borden Did It & This is What it Says” (BEST OF THE NET NOMINATED) and “Santarella Garden” 

Jersey Devil Press: “Asbury Park in the Off Season” 

Lehigh Valley Vanguard: “Neighbor Girls” “The Porch People” “Pink Dreaming” 

Boston Poetry Magazine: “A Mermaid Documentary” “Mademoiselle Paralysee” “The Shipwreck in a Bottle” “Absinthe” and “The Absence of Being” 


Haute Macabre x Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab TOTALITY Poetry Contest:

"my body, doused fully in the utter absence of sky" (GRAND PRIZE WINNER)

Pink Print Anthology: "spider in the bedroom"

Lit Sisters Haunted Anthology: "exorcism / the pretense" & "exorcism / the presence"

These Poems are Not What They Seem Anthology: "h-bomb cherry pie" 

MASS Poetry Poem of the Moment: "I Hear Evil Enter Through the Nothing of Me"


Poems-for-All: "How Often We Confuse Ovens for Rabbit Holes"

Crack the Spine XV: "The Textbooks will Tell You the Moon is a Face"

Minola Review Anthology I

Roach Blueprint Anthology

Poets for Change Anthology

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